About KCTechnologies, Inc.

KCTechnologies, Inc. was started in Feb 2005 and Incorporated in 2006 by Kevin Carmichael out of a desire to help small to medium-sized businesses leverage the latest technologies available in a smart and low cost way.  

Small Business Startups
Utilizing the latest technology does not always mean paying a premium. Smart planning and purchasing can reduce new technology costs up to 50%. Having started a small business himself, Kevin was looking for ways in which he could help other small business owners get the tools they need at an affordable price-point. Planning in Backups and Disaster Recovery is a must for every small business as in some cases, losing that information could run the business under.

Medium Sized Business Consulting
For somewhat larger businesses, KCTechnologies, Inc. offers consulting services, specializing in Web-based application development on all Microsoft technologies. From web application developoment to integrating different applications, services and reporting, KCTechnologies, Inc. can help mesh these technologies to deliver solutions that create a high ROI with a short turn around time.

KCTechnologies, Inc. utilizes virtualization technologies like Microsoft Hyper-V to help reduce hardware costs, energy used in powering and cooling the servers, and space required to host the machines. Virtualization requires careful planning specifically in Failover, Backups and Disaster Recovery planning.

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